16 February 2012

Heating Pad, Office Size

I do a lot of writing by hand when I'm at work. And when I write by hand, I get this weird pain in the back of my shoulder. More often than not, I wind up sprawled across my desk with my left hand holding my right shoulder so I can keep writing.

All day yesterday was especially bad so I decided I need a smallish heating pad to keep at work in one of the desk drawers. I had already been planning to make a yarn run anyway so I picked up a quarter yard of some CUTE flannel while I was out. Since my pad is smaller, the quarter yard is enough to make three.

Each section of the pad has about 1/4 of a cup of rice, so 1-1/4 total (10 ounces), scented with eucalyptus and spearmint. It isn't heavy, but it holds the heat. I put it in the microwave for thirty seconds and drowned myself in warm, yummy bliss.

To make the pad, I cut the fabric into one long strip that measured fourteen inches long, folded it in half, and sewed all along the edges. That left me with a heating pad of about 9" x 6.5"

Once that was done, I followed the directions from my first pad, on THIS blog. And this was the result....

I also made another drawstring bag with what I had left over from my last project. I basically just measured out my dimensions using the rolled up rice bag as a guide.

And it fits perfectly in the drawer at work!

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